Joshua May 16 2010

Notes on Chaps 11-13

11:6————- YHVH says “I will deliver them up all slain before Israel
11:12———– utterly destroyed (herem) as Moses the servant of YHVH commanded
11:14———– they took spoil – destroyed men (not herem = sh m d instead)
11:15———– as YHVH commanded Moses etc
11:20———– YHVH hardened their hearts l’chazek et libam  (Ex 4:21 I will stiffen his heart: aychazek et libo) so they could be destroyed (herem)
11:23———– as YHVH spoke to Moses – Joshua took the whole land.  And the land had rest from war.

CHAPTER 12 – list of the 31 kings

13:13———– Geshur and Maacath dwelt in the midst of Israel unto this day
13:22———– Balaam is slain (see Jos 22:17) – he is hakosem the soothsayer (BdB = diviners) – (see Deut 18:10: divination is prohibited and associated with the abhorrent practices of the nations that will be found in the land) (see Num 24:1-2 “and the spirit of God came upon him” [Balaam] ruah elohim;   and see Num 24:14-24 when Balaam foresees the future).  But Balaam is not an Israelite, so why is he slain?