2 Samuel Chapter 16 – March 20

Study with Penina March 20, 7:30pm.
Regularly 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings
Congregation Eitz Chayim 136 Magazine Street, Cambridge

The story of King David continues to be a messy family story.  His sons and nephews are at odds with each other; who should get the throne is not clear.  Women in this chapter will only suffer.  As Samuel said in Book I: “I will call unto YHVH to send thunder and rain;  and you shall know and see that your wickedness is great, which you have done in the sight of YHVH, in asking a king for yourselves.”  (1 Sam 12:17).

  • Study is in English, interfaith and gender sensitive.
  • Bring your Tanakh (Bible) if you have one; books are provided as needed.
  • Feel free to bring snacks or a bottle of wine.

All are welcome, whether regular attendees or first time visitors: prior text study experience is not necessary.

I  look forward to learning with you!

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