Ruach HaYam Retreat October 19, 2013 was Fabulous

Our Ruach HaYam retreat in 2013 was a huge success.
Read the comments from participants.

Retreat as a whole

  • “The whole event was very enjoyable and successful in community building which I think there needs to be more of in general for the LGBT Jewish community. It’s a very inclusive and welcoming event to someone like myself who traveled all the way from New York City… I thought the whole thing was a success and can’t wait to see you next year.”
  • “A breath of life into Judaism”
  • “This was a wonderful retreat. Thank you for organizing!”
  • “Great to be together with other queer Jews.  Thoughtful selection of workshops and I liked that it was a partnership between different groups in putting this on.  You created an atmosphere that really let people be at home.”
  • “I gained much significant insight from the services, workshops and wonderful interactions with other people attending”
  • “Loved it.”
  • “Excellent way to spend the day”
  • “Well organized. Good co-sponsoring with other organizations.  Friendly atmosphere. Excellent example of building local thoughtful Jewish queer community.”
  • “The food was excellent!!!”   “Delicious!”  “We even came up with a queer midrash at our table.”  “Really good food and interesting conversation.  And a chance to meet new people.”

Morning Services with Am Tikva

  • “A sweet service.”
  • “It was really nice to have the diversity and participation of the members.”
  • “I really liked the explanations and commentary that was provided throughout the service. I used to always go to synagogue and listen to the services all in Hebrew and not really understand what was going on so to have someone stop in the middle and explain exactly what it was that they were doing was an interesting change and I liked it.”

Workshop 1: Gender Detours (interactive story-telling) with Laurie Wolfe

  • “I liked the small group work – great way to get to know each other and share our stories.”
  • “Fantastic… Really made me feel connected.”
  • “Wonderful opportunity to discuss our common gender/coming out stories. Laurie did a great job at the beginning of leading a large group discussion. I learned a lot and made many connections from the smaller groups as well. This was the best part of the day by far!!!”

Workshop 2: Smashing Binaries: Gold Meir, with Dr. Marla Brettschneider

  • “Excellent workshop, very thought provoking discussion on multiple levels.”
  • “Totally fascinating and well prepared.”
  • “Marla did a great job in facilitating a fascinating discussion of gender boundaries.”
  •  “People got very engaged and participated in a really nice discussion.”

Havdalah with Jeremy Sher Service Leader and Shana Aisenberg Music Leader

  • “I very much enjoyed the Havdalah Service!”
  • “I liked the way the Jeremy spoke and how he tied the ritual together. And I really liked the Miriam song!”
  • “One of my favorite services, and really well done.  I like the idea of multiple havdalah candles.”  “Very well-done and inclusive service.”
  • “Shana is full of joy and passion, and I really enjoyed listening to her play and dancing with folks.”
  • “I really enjoyed hearing the music that Shana had written and played for us.”