Ruach HaYam Spring Shabbat Morning Service and Potluck

Join Ruach HaYam for a queer Saturday morning Shabbat service and potluck lunch.
Saturday, April 18  at 9:30am
Congregation Eitz Chayim, 136 Magazine Street, Cambridge, MA.

Celebrate the coming of Spring and study parashat Shimini.

For the potluck bring cold veggie/dairy food. If brought in a package, food must be hechshered. Please register and let us know what you will be bringing. If you would like to read from the Torah let us know also. Sign up on facebook and leave a comment, or reply to this post.

We will have a text study over lunch – brought to us by Dev Singer over at Nice Jewish Queer Folk,

Genesis 1:27 reads “God created the adam in God’s image; in the image of God [God] created him — male and female [God] created them.” What does this verse mean? How were the genders brought into existence according to the Tanakh? This text study will explore how rabbis explain this through the generations.