Pre-Purim Shabbat Morning and Potluck Lunch March 19, 2016

Join Ruach HaYam on March 19, 2016, for a queer Saturday morning Shabbat service followed by potluck lunch and learn on Esther. Arrive at 9:30am to schmooze and help set up. Service will begin at 10am.

We will hold services at Congregation Eitz Chayim, 136 Magazine Street, Cambridge, MA.   Please RSVP here and let us know if you would like to read from the Torah, give a dvar on Parashat Vayikra, or bring in your own comments on Esther to study over lunch,

For the potluck please bring veggie/dairy food. We will not be heating food. Pre-packaged food should be hechshered.

Although Ruach HaYam speaks with a queer Jewish voice, we welcome persons of all gender and faith identities. We worship without a mechitza, and with acoustic music only. We have our own siddur. Our services and study sessions are warm, meaningful, collaborative, lead to deepening of friendships, and are simply fabulous.

Please share event widely!