Rebecca, Isaac, Jacob and Esau: A Queer Look at Family, Love, Jealousy and Gender in the Hebrew Bible (February 25, 2016)

Ruach HaYam Workshop at Congregation Eitz Chayim, Cambridge, MA
Join us for an interactive study of Rebecca, Isaac, Jacob and Esau. Study will be led by Penina Weinberg. 6:45 pm for schmooze. Bring veggie snacks if you wish.
Study will begin promptly at 7:15pm.
Congregation Eitz Chayim 136 Magazine Street, Cambridge, MA
February 25, 2016

We’ll do a close reading of the story of Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob and Esau. We’ll follow through on what we learned from Song of Songs 8:6

For love is as strong as death [“The love which Isaac bore to Esau” –from Song of Songs Rabbah]

Jealousy as harsh as Sheol [“The Jealousy which Esau bore against Jacob” –from Song of Songs Rabbah]We will study the way in which Rebecca may be seen to inherit the mantles of both Abraham and Sarah, and to occupy a gender space both male and female. We will consider whether Jacob can be read as transgender and/or as a person whose true voice is never heard.

Penina Weinberg has been teaching Hebrew Bible for over 10 years and is determined for people to claim and own the text for themselves. She holds a Masters Degree in Jewish Studies from Hebrew College.