Breaking the Binary: King David and his Dualities – January 18, 2018

Breaking the Binary: King David and his Dualities – January 18, 2018
6:45pm – 9:15pm @ Eitz Chayim

(See logistics at end)

In many ways, bisexuality is binary breaking; it defies the notion that people have to bat for one team. But the word can also carry binary notions of its own. Enter King David: poet, warrior, king, lover of both men and women. What binaries does he break? Which does he enforce? And why does it matter that the man involved is King David, hero of heroes?

We’re so excited to have one of our long time members, Sarah Pasternak lead this session. Sarah hails from a Jewishly diverse family that has been engaging her in Judaism and Jewish texts for the past quarter century. Sarah serves as leyner and gabbai for our Shabbat morning services.

** Logistics**

Study starts promptly at 7:15 pm. We open the doors at 6:45 for schmoozing. Feel free to bring your own veggie snack for the early part. A parking consideration is in effect for the three blocks around EC during all regularly scheduled events. It is a good idea to put a note in the windshield that you are attending an event at EC.
Accessibility information: all gender/accessible bathrooms, entry ramp.

Ruach HaYam study sessions provide a queer Jewish look at text, but are welcoming to any learning or faith background, to all bodies, are friendly to beginners.