Ruach HaYam

Ruach HaYam is the Spirit of the Sea

Although Ruach HaYam speaks with a queer Jewish voice, we welcome persons of all gender and faith identities. Throughout the year we organize short and all day Shabbat events, other rituals, and queer Jewish text studies in the Boston area.

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We worship without a mechitza, and with acoustic music only. We have our own siddur. Our services and study sessions are warm, meaningful, collaborative, lead to deepening of friendships, and are simply fabulous. Our full day Shabbat retreats include scholarly and experiential workshops and plenty of time to schmooze. Our Shabbat morning services with potluck are equally wonderful.

  We founded this group after a Nehirim Women’s retreat in 2012. It was born out of our desire to bring the retreat experience to Boston in an intimate way, and to provide an ongoing way for local queer Jews to worship and study together. We have evolved into a sort of havurah. It’s very exciting.