Steve Alexander – the Inspiration

In June 2012, I started a new job.   My boss had all the authority, and used it to my detriment.   Yet I needed the job, and direct confrontation would not have secured my place.  I considered quitting.  Steve Alexander, my dear friend, told me he was once in a similar situation and he determined that the boss would not make him quit.  How not to quit?   Sometimes living by our wits is a better way to survive than what we used to call (maybe still do), “telling truth to power.”   I started looking closely at how our ancestors lived by their wits.  I printed out Hebrew tests of both Ruth and David surviving and thriving in situations where they did not, at that moment, have the upper hand.   And the idea for my series  “Living by their Wits” was born.   Thank you, Steve.

2 thoughts on “Steve Alexander – the Inspiration

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Judi. Good to know there are others who have faced the same challenge of surviving in an uncomfortable job situation.

  2. This is so close to experiences I had in the government. The first time I found work in another part of the organization. Unfortunately, I went from Assistant Desk Officer on the Somali Republic desk (a responsible if uncomfortable position) to the Vietnam Desk where I was unimportant and smack in the middle of helping justify the unjustifiable. I got smarter after 2000 and stuck with another bad one for four years until I retired. Admittedly, I would not have retired if it hadn’t been so prosecutorial.

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