II Samuel Ch 8-9-10: David, the Philistines, and Mephibosheth

Chapter 8 ends with David at the absolute apex of his powers and reputation.   He finally subdues the Philistines who have been the mortal enemies of the Israelites.   From here David tackles the Ammonites, the Moabites, the Arameans…….  But does he start to lose himself?   Is there something suspicious about David hunting down Saul’s last remaining relative, Mephibosheth, and sequestering him at the royal table?

Pay attention to what battles David leads and which ones he sits out in Chapter 10.  Notably, while he defeats the Arameans, he leaves the Ammonites for Joab to defeat later.  This incomplete work on David’s part foreshadows his sitting out the entire season in which the kings normally go out to battle (Chapter 11).

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